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If I were Pehpot

This is a task err a little activity for our friend and Marce Pehpot on her birthday. (Marce walang solian ng kandila ha. Hehe)

ON being a parent, wife, and homemaker:

1. ON being a parent, I will raise my kids to be God-fearing and peace-loving individuals.
2. As a wife to Cata, I will stay as sweet, loving and understanding wife to him.
3. If nosy neighbours or anyone tell something bad about my kids, beware, I’m out to get them. Hehe

On being OC and “aholic”:

1. Nothing bad about being an OC, but I would arrange my cabinet as if I have not arranged them the last couple of hours.
2. Messy means clutter on my work desk
3. Nope I would not add another blog on my 8 existing blogs, not a chance hehe

On being sexy:

1.I would wear a little red nightie on the eve of Valentine’s Day.
2.If its JJ night, I would wear nothing except a sweet smile on my face LOL.

On your “un-selfish” day:

1. If I have P5M today, I would buy our own house, buy my kids all the toys they want, cute outfit for them and my Princess Sati, buy a bigger car for my family and anything that my husband fancies.
2. I wish to have a curvaceous body (Hi Dra. Bello) to die for, a figure that Cata would drool over LOL.

For Marce Pehpot, I’m glad to be one of your friends and kumares (Sati’s godmother). I wish you all the best, Peh. More exciting things to come on your birthday.

Happy Birthday, Pehpot!

Liquid vitamins for my joint pain

Our paediatrician has recommended a generic brand of multivitamin and mineral supplement for my kids. It is replacing the branded vitamins that they used to take. The generic multivitamin is also complete with vitamin C and zinc; both nutritional supplements help boost my kids’ immunity against cough and cold. I’m considering taking the same capsule one of these days. I’m also checking on these liquid vitamins that I saw while doing my online activity. According to the site, the liquid supplement helps relieve joint pain, decrease body fat and yes this is the best part (thrilled), reverse the aging process. But before I jump on the bandwagon of the latest supplement craze, I try to read as many information as possible about the product or if previous studies were conducted to prove their claim. According to the site, these liquid vitamins contain 29 essential vitamins and mineral and 72 trace minerals (dietary minerals). It further claims that liquid vitamins are 700 percent more absorbable than tablet vitamins. If ever I’m going to try it one day, I want to prove its “efficacy” in relieving joint pain (I have this terrible leg pain which is killing me for weeks now.). If you are interested about it just visit their site by clicking on the link within the post.

Mommy Moments – Welcoming my baby brother

mommy moments

Becoming a mom for the first time is an answered prayer for my family. I have a miscarriage before my firstborn, so you just can imagine the stress that I experienced to conceive normally. We were very happy when my daughter was born. When I learned that I was pregnant for the second time, it was a mixed emotion for me and my husband. We were not actually planning to have another child soon. My daughter was more than a year old and my body needs time to recover from the previous pregnancy. But since another life was forming inside, who are we to complain. It was another gift from God and we should be thankful for the present.
The result of my ultrasound doubles our excitement. We are going to have a baby boy this time. We plan for two kids and now we have a pair. We’re very happy and we can’t ask for anything more except for a healthy child and safe delivery.

As for my daughter, I think I have prepared her for the coming of her sibling. I would tell her how much mom and dad love to give her a brother and playmate. I would let her touch and kiss my tummy as a way of building the bond between her and her unborn sibling.

She loves her brother so much that she wants to be by his side every time. 
She wants to say ‘we love this little guy here. no one can take him away from us’.
Play time with little err heavy brother

‘We only have each other when mom and dad will no longer be around for us.’ 
I just love these guys! You’re the greatest thing that ever happened to my life. 
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