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Award and certificates

Naomi’s final grade was short of .3 percent to qualify for the elusive Harvest of Achievers Award. But according to her adviser, she remains in the top three among the honor students in her class. She got an average of 90.97. The grade to qualify to receive the Achievers medal is 91 percent. Sayang noh? My daughter is disappointed at first, but she’s not the kind who will sulk the whole time. She promised us to do better next school year.

She got a Model Citizen Award for her performance in her class. And just after doing my business at the registration office, I saw the copy of their school paper where two of her poems were published.

Khalil didn’t make it to the Harvest of Achievers as well, but he received three certificates during Recognition Day. 

With or without an award, I’m still happy for my kids because I know they did their best without Mommy’s help.

Congratulations kids. Pagbutihin pa next year ha.:)

Taken at Shakey’s SM Fairview right after Naomi’s Recognition Day last March 25. Khalil’s Recognition Day took place the following day.

Walk to a healthier you

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Hubby always reminds me to have some form of exercise to stay fit. As you know, I’m on the heavy side and he knows how determined I am to shed pounds. I would like to follow hubby’s walking regimen everyday. He walks for 10 to 15 minutes on his way to the office. According to him walking is a good form of exercise. He perspires a good deal, but it makes him feel lighter afterward. It also helps in controlling his blood pressure. At his age, he is already taking maintenance medicine for high blood pressure.

I can attest to the benefits of walking to my husband so I would like to include walking as part of my regimen every morning. For a warm up, hubby will accompany me to walk around the neighborhood. He will have two days off this week in observance of the Holy Week. I really intend to shed some pounds and walking will be a good start. What do you think?

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I will share one of the recipes that I’ve learned from wellnessdaily one of these days. I’ve learned a lot from the site including the 5-minute Workout Rule, so I want to impart that information with you, better yet invite you to be a member as well.

As a token of appreciation to their members, Jennie-O Turkey Store, sponsor of is providing a rebate for the purchase price of any one product (up to $5.00) for the first 25,000 registered users. Isn’t it exciting! I hope you take sometime to visit the site so you’ll appreciate what I’m saying.

Stay fit, healthy and focused.

Summer fun activities for the whole family

Here are some activities that you and your kids will surely love to do this summer. I’m sure top on your list is swimming! Splash!
Swimming at Water Fun, Fairview, Quezon City
School fieldtrip in Laguna
Water Fun, QC

Field trip in Laguna
Manila Zoo visit.
Amusement Park. Storyland SM Fairview.
Museo Pambata, Manila. One of our favorite activities is going to museum. We hope to visit one this vacation.
There are a lot of other activities that you and your children will enjoy doing together. If you are on a tight budget these days, you can go swimming sans crowded pool area with your kids using inflatable pool. Or you can devise craft or needlework activities, drawing, painting and a lot more! Just think of the benefits worthwhile activities can do to your curious little ones.
Be safe and have fun!