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I’m excited to share here what the Marce Club

Pehpot Kaye Niko Jade Seiko Gene Liz Mye Kikamz Chris Fedhz
gave me on my birthday. I received the Red Ribbon cake and baked lasagna at about 3:00 pm. A bouquet of long stemmed white roses was delivered 15 minutes later. They came from Flower DepotI feel so special!

 Thank you Marces for making my birthday special!

Announcing the winners of "You Gotta See This Video" contest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

Five months ago, I wrote about the iLASIK Video Contest of the Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), the global leader in laser vision correction. I or my husband should have joined the contest, but none of us have actually undergone the eye procedure. So what I did was invite my readers to join the contest instead. I’m not sure how many of them did participate. But I’m sure it was fun joining the contest.

For those who are not familiar with iLASIK, here’s a brief explanation about it and how it works for people with eye problem. ILASIK is the most precise medical procedure to treat common eye problem such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The procedure is revolutionized by the use of two computer-guided lasers instead of one as in earlier generations of LASIK.

Now that the contest has ended, I’m excited to share with you who the lucky winners are. The winners are not just picked randomly, but were chosen based on the impact of improved vision on their lives through the iLASIK procedure. These people have undergone iLASIK procedure and now living a normal life with perfect vision.

Alex grabbed the $5,000 Grand Prize to the iLASIK Video Contest for his entry “You Gotta See This Music Video”.

By category:
My Contacts Are Getting In The Way Of My Good Time
First Prize – Robbo won an HDTV package worth $2,500 for his “You Gotta Be Kidding Me!”
Second Prize – Windysail, won a Flip UltraHD™ camcorder worth $199.99 for his entry “Contracts Stink”.

My Favorite Sport Or Activity Would Be So Much Cooler With Better Vision
1st Prize – jhbmw007 for the video “iLASIK Would Make Surfing More Enjoyable”.
2nd Prize – Snowman for the video “Foggy Riding”.

You Should See Life After The iLASIK® Procedure
1st Prize – Danny V for “Orbs Of Perfection”.
2nd Prize – Ahowalton for his entry “Army LASIK”.

You can visit for the complete list of winners and other entries. I hope that you can also join AMOs future contests to win the same cool stuff like the winners did. By the way, the copy of list of winners is sponsored by AMO. See you in the next contest. And congrats to the winners!

More greetings

Another set of thank you’s is accorded to the fab mommies and marces who greeted me on my birthday through a blog post. I’m also thanking so many friends, fellow mommy bloggers and non-bloggers (you know who you are) who greeted me here and at FB.

From Marce Liz:
I just want to greet my Kumareng Yami a Happy and Wonderful Birthday. My post might be late but it’s full of love and great wishes for her. I know that she’s already blessed with a wonderful husband and great kids, but I still want to wish her the best life ahead of her.
Thank you for being so sweet and even if we haven’t met in person yet, I can feel how wonderful you are. Enjoy your day Mare and don’t think that you’re getting old. Nag uunahan lang tayo, hahaha!
If you know her, please visit her blogs and greet her Happy Birthday,
From Fab Momma Bams:
One of the awesome and nicest mommy bloggers I know. I’m sure I would learn a lot from her about parenting if I get the chance to chat with her.
From Marce Seiko:
I maybe late upon greeting you on during your big day Marce Yami & yet I din’t forget.
I hope you have a happy,incredible,fantastic birthday filled with all of the good things life has to offer.And above all I hope you wont stop for being you.Happy happy Birthday to you Marce Yami!!