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Kid’s Shoes: Is it Better to Spend More or Less?

If you’re a mom, you know how fast kids go through shoes. It seems like once they hit the age where they are able to go outside and play on their own, you can’t keep a decent pair of shoes on their feet. So, what options do you have? You either purchase cheap shoes because you know your kid will need another pair in a month, or you buy more expensive ones and hope they last longer. So, is it better to spend more or less?

The truth is kids outgrow shoes fast. However, many kids tear their shoes up before they even get a chance to outgrow them. Before you run out and buy new shoes, it helps to take a look at how your children treat the pairs they already have. Simple things that kids don’t think about tear shoes up. Is your daughter stopping her bike with her feet? Does your son play a lot of sports? All these things affect how long your child’s shoes last. If your child does things that will tear his sneakers up fast, then talk to him about it. More than likely, he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it, and maybe he can stop. If your kids are gentle with their shoes, it may be worth spending more money on higher-quality shoes that will last longer.

Since old habits Since old habits die hard, you’re probably still going to go through many pairs of shoes. However, keeping their old ones as long as possible saves you some money. Make sure you child always has one pair of tennis shoes to play in and a nice pair to wear to school or when you have to go out. Tearing up play shoes doesn’t matter as much. If your daughter has a pair that remains nice, you won’t feel the need to run out and buy a new pair every month.

Not in good shape

Hubby and his two older brothers are planning to visit their sick mother in General Santos. We just received the bad news. My mother-in-law who is battling a number of age-related sickness, is not in good shape. I hate to say this but my sister-in-law said their mom is hanging on to dear life…maybe waiting to see her three other children in Manila to come home and be with her in her final days…

When A Stay At Home Mom Turns to a Cash Advance

If you’re like myself, you are probably a stay at home mom (or dad). Choosing this path in life is truly a rewarding experience. You get to stay at home with your family and experience all those important milestones such as first steps, first words and other major goals in a child’s life.

No matter how rewarding this lifestyle is, sometimes the unexpected can happen. An unexpected doctor’s visit, a car repair, ora home maintenance cost can pop out of nowhere and sometimes the money just isn’t there. After checking to see if there are any available credit cards that I can use or seeing if I can borrow the money from friends or family, I turn to what I call my last resort, a cash advance.

Cash advances are a wonderful fall back for those times when unexpected expenses appear. I use them only as a last resort because, depending upon the place that I use the cash advance, interest rate can be very high and cause you to pay a lot more on the money that you are being advanced. That is why a cash advance is usually my last resort for an emergency money supply.

If you are a stay at home parent and deciding if a cash advance is right for your situation, here are a few things that I take into account before taking an advance.

1. Can you get the money anywhere else such as a credit card, a family member, or even selling items at a pawn shop or on ebay?

2. Can the expense wait until payday?

3. How often have I used a cash advance?

4. Can I pay it back in a reasonable time?

As long as you think it through and use a cash advance responsibly, you’ll be able to get that little added help when an unexpected expense comes out of nowhere.