Monthly Archives: June 2011

Google Pagerank Update 2011

I’m excited to share that Google has updated its page rank yesterday and showered my mostly PR0 blogs with PR1. Unexpectedly, one blog of mine with PR0 received PR2. Even my two new blogs got PR0 from its N/A status. 🙂

I used mass page rank checker as recommended by Marce Kaye to double check the earlier result I got from another pr checker tool. Here’s the screenshot.

This is one big blessing from me. Thanks Mr. G! 🙂

Clothes for your little girls

Here’s good news for mommies with fashionable kids and babies. An online store is currently on sale for cute summer dresses. The Tea Collection is selling comfortable girls clothes under $30. This is a good site for mommies who love to dress up their daughters with trendy apparel. You can buy gift items from the site or their retail store. They will have the merchandise in signature gift boxes delivered to the intended recipient.

If you are not sure of the sizes and worry that you will buy a small or big size for your kid, you can refer to their size chart as guide. And what’s good about Tea Collection is they adhere to return and exchange policy. This means you can return a purchased item if something goes wrong. They also accept a special order if in case they don’t carry the style that you are looking for. Check the site for their complete summer collection.