Monthly Archives: July 2011

Sleeping time is Bliss

It can sometimes be quite overwhelming to put your little one to sleep when he was still teeming with energy and vibe that he won’t simply settle down. It is best to establish a routine, which you have to stick by, in order to make the transition from playtime to sleeping time a breeze. Giving him a warm sponge bath before turning in can help him relax and can work wonders in summoning the sleep fairy. Follow this with a relaxing massage and make sure to turn off the lights and turn on his favorite lullaby to make him dose off easily. Lastly, nothing is more comforting to your tot but your familiar smell and feel beside him to make him relax and fall asleep easily, so sleep along with your baby. You will not only get a much needed rest, but it will also mean loads of bonding time for you and your little one.

The Importance of Praise

You can never underestimate the value of praising your kids for their accomplishments. Whether big or small, their successes are worth celebrating. Recognizing them for a job well done at school or for beating the opposing team at football boosts their self-confidence.

How do you praise your kids? Just be sincere, and try not to overdo it. Young as they are, kids do sense it if you’re just trying to butter things up with your praise. Sometimes, even a simple pat on the back or a warm hug sends them the message that you are proud of what they’ve done.

Kids would do anything and everything just to get noticed by their parents. You owe them the attention they truly deserve.