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Prevent family violence

Changing times and shifting lifestyles lead to confusion and uncertainty in many families. This can lead to abuse of children and wives.

Family violence is a crime. It can be psychological or physical abuse of any family member, and ranges from insulting, threatening, yelling, grabbing, biting, hitting, punching, kicking to raping or even killing.

Some people are unable to discipline their children in a loving way. Because of a lack of knowledge and self-control, they abuse the child. Sometimes they repeat the bad experiences they had as children. Afterwards, they generally do not feel good about it. This damages their self-esteem – even their pride – and destroys the parent-child relationship.

Violence on children may result in lack of trust, permanent physical or mental damage to them, suicide attempts, and even death.

Wives may be abused by their husbands and vice versa. This can start with a small argument and end in a beating causing serious physical and emotional damage and possible marriage breakdown.

How do you avoid violence in your family?

  • Talk about your disagreements with a family member. And listen.
  • At all times, practice self-control
  • Always think positively. Think of your love for your family. They are part of you – your own flesh and blood.
  • If you cannot control your temper, seek the help of other people such as your own parents, relatives, or close friends. Otherwise, seek professional help.
  • If your feel angry, lonely, inadequate, resentful and disappointed, remember that other people also feel these things. Try not to resort to violence.
  • You can form group-therapy sessions if you want to change your behavior, such as group meetings of parents.
  • Do not be ashamed to seek advice from other family members and close friends.
  • Show love and respect to everyone in the family.
Source: Things Adults Can Do To Stay Healthy. World Health Organization

ParenTIN TV 2nd Anniversary, 1st Blogger’s Day recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary, and with 40 episodes, more than 2,000 members online and 11 successful events under its belt, it did really called for a celebration. And celebrate they did and in style at the Richmonde Hotel in Eastwood City, Libis with a number of mommy bloggers.

The guests and everyone else were treated to one gastronomic experience courtesy of Richmonde Hotel’s chef, Bienvendo Chavez. Appetizers, salads, pastas, desserts and an assortment of other dishes were served for the enjoyment of everyone in attendance.

With stomach full, the program started with a welcome speech from no less that the mom behind the success of, Ms. Tintin Bersola, who updated everyone not only with their achievement for the last 2 years, but with their upcoming projects, as well, which includes the Xmas Booth Promo (email which entitles members to win a booth at The Grand International Importers and Exporters Christmas Bazaar in November and the Search for Teen Bloggers (email

After the awarding of winners for the recently concluded’s online contests, Toddler Contest and Online Quiz, the guests were treated to an informative talk courtesy of Vanessa Garon of The Nazareth Formation House regarding internet addiction.

Another highlight of the event was the talk by Zonito Torevillas-Tamase, owner of Golden Style Café that just recently opened in SM Sta. Mesa, on Healthier foods and alkalinity. She demonstrated a very healthy shake drink that both kids and adults will enjoy, with surprisingly a very healthy Moringa powder as ingredients, along with mangoes and bananas. Surprisingly the shake did taste great and everyone enjoyed a glass.

Before the day comes to an end, all the participants were treated to a tour of the Richmonde Hotel’s suites. The mommies also came home with loots from Smart Steps and Uratex. All in all, it was one educating and entertaining afternoon for everyone present.

Photo Credits: Make or Break 

Congratulations Miss Tintin and!!

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