Monthly Archives: March 2013

To my daughter on her graduation day

This is my daughter when she graduated from Kinder II (left) and elementary (right).

Dearest Naomi,

Next week is your graduation day.

It’s seems like it was only yesterday when I accompany you to nursery school, so shy and quiet.

You were too reserved to socialize and meet new friends, but that didn’t stop you from learning new things in school.

I don’t remember you being idle or lazy in going to school everyday. You make it a point to put your best foot forward in every task given to you.

Nevertheless, your hard work isn’t left unrecognized.

At the end of your high school journey, I fervently pray that you’ll have the same eagerness and zest to face the challenges of college life.

You have a bright future ahead of you. Just keep the faith as high and remember to stay right on the career path that you wanted to pursue.

Congratulations on your graduation.

God bless you.


Mommy and Daddy