Monthly Archives: June 2013

Ballet dancer

My daughter's pen and ink drawing of a ballerina.

My daughter’s pen and ink drawing of a ballerina.

I once dreamt of sending my daughter who was in grade school then to a ballet school. I was considering this popular ballet school along Quezon Avenue. I even inquired about the tuition and ballet uniform but we were not able to enroll when my son got sick. I was hoping I could still send her to ballet school years later and buy her dance gifts from ballet gift shop, but my daughter is no longer interested. She developed a liking for art (drawing) and is now preparing a career in digital art.

Drum and Lyre Band


My son will be joining the Drum and Lyre Band again this school year. It’s one of the many school activities that will keep him busy. I bought the bell lyre for P1,100.00 ($27) and comes with a free case. It’s original price was P1,500.00 or $37. I checked online and the price is a bit higher. But if you are looking for other musical gadget like a reverb or effects processor you can save on lexicon mx200 at guitar center. In Quiapo, Manila, one can get the same quality of lyre at much lower price. My son said the bell lyre is easy to play. It’s the first real musical instrument we have at home.

A rare gem

I found a gold mine in my better half not because he inherited millions but because he has a good heart. I’ve been writing about him in my blogs and will never get tired of making him the subject of my blog posts. It’s my way of thanking him for all the good things that he has done for the family. A responsible and giving person like him is a rare gem (much like gold bullion to miners). I will always be thankful that I have him in my life.