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Tips for work-at-home moms this 2014

Mommies right now are having a hard time working outside their home to take care of their children and at the same time, earn for the whole family. It is a good thing that there are online jobs now that can keep mommies preoccupied but how are they going to earn more than usual?

working mom

A lot of online jobs are fixed while some are long term. One tip in order to earn more is to have one long term job and have some fixed jobs in the process. This way, a working mom will be able to fit the two jobs in her schedule. Having a business can also help because once the business booms, extra money can be earned.

Lastly, moms would have to remember to take jobs that they actually enjoy doing. There is nothing more stressful than doing jobs that you do not particularly like. If you would search on the Internet, you will find a lot of usual and odd jobs that will catch your eye.

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A love story with a fairy tale ending

I don’t get to witness one every day, but this definitely takes the cake.

The couple comes from different cultural backgrounds. He was raised and grew up abroad. She came from a poor family in the South and has a young son out of wedlock. The couple met online and nurtures a relationship even if they are thousands miles apart. They have plans of spending their lives together until a recent tragedy almost took the woman’s life. It would have been a very sad love story for the couple if she didn’t survived the disaster.

The man travelled 7,000 miles just to be with her. The two met at the hospital. She was nervous at first thinking that he might not accept her because of her disfigured face. She is no longer the pretty woman that he once adored. She was hoping that he would turn his back on her, but he never did. He stays by her side instead and does everything he can to send the woman he loves to the best hospital in the region for treatment.

While recuperating, he surprised her with the best gift she could ever imagine. He proposed to her. It’s the most romantic thing hospital staff and fellow patients have seen in years. The woman thought this day would never come. He’s busy taking care of her at the hospital but she never realized he was also looking for an engagement ring to give her. They eventually got married before she was released from the hospital. Their love story didn’t end there. By this time, the man could have taken his new bride and her son to his country to start a new life. Fin

Flashback Friday: Artistic children

Just a little nostalgic today.

I miss the days when my kids were in elementary school. At their young age, they already know what their interests are. They both love to draw and paint.

Both are teenagers now. My eldest is a freshman digital arts student. The younger one is in Grade VIII. Here’s some old photos of their drawings and painting which I’m reposting for Flashback Friday.

finger puppet

Kyle’s interpretation of our family. From left to right: Mom, Dad, Sister, Kyle

Kyle working on an assignment

A finger painting of tree by Naomi

A finger painting of tree by Naomi