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Something for Mom

mom writes for a cause

I know it’s a little late to check for a Mother’s Day gift but hope to still get one for my mom. I’m thinking of giving her a dress for a change. She loves pants and blouse and you’ll never see her go out wearing a dress. Besides the fact that she doesn’t own a new one, she said it’s comfortable to move in pants. While I agree with her, I guess it’s about time that she adds a dress to her wardrobe. A  maxi dress from Zalora is a good choice for mom. However, the dress of her choice will need to get a little seam since my mom is petite I don’t want her to look like wearing a gown.

Also, mom will be delighted to receive a dress on her 71st birthday, which will be a few weeks from now.

On motherhood


My thoughts on motherhood? Well, I can’t think of a profession nobler than motherhood. It’s a career no one has taught me to be good at, not even my own mother. There are no set of rules to guide you. You cannot have the role fill-in by someone. It’s an on-the-job training where there are always room for improvement, but always expect you to be always at your best.

Motherhood does not end up with bearing and raising your own kids until they can take care of themselves. Motherhood or parenthood extends up to the time your kids are rearing their own children.

How about you, what is your take on motherhood?