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Rhinestone zippers


Sooner or later, everyone will need to get replacement zippers. The humble zipper performs well considering how completely we depend on it, and the kinds of use that it has to face, but when we need a replacement, we need it right away.

You may find yourself looking around for a sewing shop to replace them, but that will mean that even if you can find one, you’ll need to find the time to drive there. An online store is more convenient, and will be your best option. They have a wide selection of zippers for different purposes and made of different materials.

In their selection, they also carry rhinestone zippers. Whether you are buying these as replacements for broken zippers, or simply to replace drab looking zippers that are working just fine, these zippers will add pizzazz to any article of clothing where you use them.

Message of Love

The kids are both teenagers now. We rarely share the usual bonding moments we have when they were much younger. This Valentine’s Day, I wish to share these cute and heart-warming message of love from my dearest kids and hubby a few years ago. Sometimes, I wish I could still receive the same sweet thoughts from them. Sniff…

From my first born

From my first born

From my sweet boy

From my sweet boy

Sweet note from hubby

Sweet note from hubby

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 🙂

On budgeting and saving money


Besides raising children and attending to endless load of work at home, what else do you find hard to manage? It can cause you a lot of stress especially when something happened unexpectedly.

It’s a struggle to manage family finances especially when you are working on a minimal budget. It’s like a mental torture seeing your bills pile up before payment date arrives. There are just too many bills and dues to pay, house rent, groceries to buy, not to mention those extra expenditures like find drawer slide size, health premiums and yes, credit card (if you own one).

You also have to consider setting aside a small amount of your earnings for your monthly savings. Balancing everything is no mean feat. A little creativity and resourcefulness is all you need during these days, to think of some ways to augment the family income and somehow help you get by until the next pay check.

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