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The Art of Flying

Image courtesy of khunaspix at

Image courtesy of khunaspix at

Taking a trip during the Golden Age of Flying is not all it is cracked up to be. Many people will see photos taken from the flights and think it looks so cute and charming. The reality is, flying back then was for the rich and crazy. Rich because in 1955 it could run you $138 for a round-trip flight from Chicago to Phoenix with TWA, which is equivalent to about $1,168 today. And crazy because well, let’s talk why.

It is obvious and true that flying technology back then was nothing compared to what it is today. In fact, flying today is one of the the safest modes of transportation. Even safer than driving a car or truck. Back then, mid-air collisions and engines falling off were common. Could you imagine boarding a flight knowing that it is possible one of the engines could fall off mid-flight? What is even more disturbing is if one of the plane’s engines fell off and the plane still landed safely, it wasn’t even considered an accident. Yikes!

Besides safety, another large inconvenience (depending on how you look at it) was flying attire. With many, if not all, passengers being wealthy they were all dressed very well. Three piece suits for the men and dresses for the women. It wasn’t necessarily a requirement but you would certainly get looked at differently if you didn’t. That has to be one of the most underappreciated factors of modern day flying. You can board a plane with a nice pair of joggers, comfy sweater, and your freshest kicks and not have to worry about any shade being thrown your way. If you are a traveler that values comfort AND style during your flight, grab some of these Groupon coupons for Eastbay. Revel in your relaxed outfit while the rest of them struggle.

Right now is the true golden age of flight. Movies, decent in-flight meals, and exit row seating deserve more love than they usually receive. Next time you board a plane, think about what you just read and appreciate the fact that you’re wearing Jordan’s and watching that new RomCom. Just try not to think about the engines falling off.

Gift ideas for the special people in your life

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

The holiday season means that is is again time to get out and start getting the gifts for the special people in your life. There always seems to be something going on during the holiday season, so shopping can be pushed back and back. Fortunately, there are great gift ideas available for everyone on your list. Following a few simple guidelines will help you check the names off you list with ease.

The first thing that you will want to do is consider who you are buying gifts for. You know that older adults will have different desires than younger ones. Your spouse will be getting something different than your sibling. There is bound to be a large group of people on your list, so splitting them up by similar gift ideas should be able to help you save some time going to the store or the mall.

Think of specific gifts as well as general ones. Everyone appreciates cash or gift cards, but taking a little extra time to get a gift that they will use and enjoy shows you went the extra mile. If you have someone you know that is a fan of beauty products, you might consider a new makeup set or a few sessions of Botox. A big sports fan may appreciate a new television that comes equipped with a season pass to watch their favorite sport. Music fans will enjoy tickets to the hot concert in town. Whatever it is, you can find something for everyone on your list.

If you are buying gifts for children then you will want to consult with their parents first on what would be acceptable. Children usually want a lot of items and generally have a bunch of adults giving them gifts, the last thing that you want to do it double up on them! Parents may also want to limit how much you spend on their child. Even if you mean well, some parents just aren’t comfortable with their children having extravagant gifts. It’s always best to defer to their judgement and wishes when shopping for children.

The holiday season is about more than gifts, but it never hurts to give them. Spread a little cheer this holiday season with the gifts that everyone wants.

6 Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, there are always people in your life who are next to impossible to buy for. Check out this list of great gifts for your friends and family who have everything.

  1. Collector’s coins. You don’t have to be a coin collector to appreciate a shiny gold or silver freshly minted coin set. Proof sets of coins from websites such as are available from a wide range of years so you can commemorate a special life event with the gift of a coin set from the year of your choosing.
  2. Experiences. Everything from cooking classes with celebrity chefs to hot air balloon rides can be gifted as an experience. However, not every experience needs to be expensive or something worthy of reality television. Give your friend or family member a coupon for a day of personal pampering at a spa or even something simple yet heartfelt such as a picnic at their favorite park.
  3. Charitable donations. Does the person on your gift list support a particular charity? Making a donation in their name shows you care both about the gifteeas well as the cause itself. Not sure which charity to choose? Let your intended recipient decide. There are several websites offering gift cards that allow donors to choose which charity they would like to support.
  4. Of the Month Clubs. Is your friend or family member a foodie? Fashionista? Yoga lover? Whatever it is they love, there’s a subscription box or of-the-month club for that. Gift your foodie friend with a gourmet food of the month club, your fashionista family member with a cosmetics style box and your yoga loving coworker with a yoga video subscription. Everything from stationary to bourbon can be had on a gift subscription basis.
  5. Name a Star. Remember in the ’80s when getting a star named after you was a big deal? Today, you can still have a star in the International Star Registry named after you or a loved one. Everyone from U.S. presidents and British royalty to activists like Coretta Scott King have stars bearing their names, making it a truly noteworthy gift.
  6. Wild animal adoption. While you won’t get a wolf on your doorstep, the National Wildlife Federation does offer adoption kits supporting a wide variety of endangered critters.

If you’re not sure what to get that special someone on your list, any of these unique gifts are sure to please.