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This Audiobook Changed My Life

I had some issues in life before pertaining to finances and I have to be honest, I did try some ventures then that did not work out. A friend of mine recommended that I try out this product because according to him, positive affirmations will help me out. It will help me open up myself to success.

I was very hesitant about trying out the product in the beginning and even when I listened to the sample, I smirked and laughed because I did not see how it can help me out. As days passed by however, I looked forward to listening to the sample. I found myself listening to the sample a few times every day. I did not share it with anyone in the beginning but after a few more days of listening, I decided that success affirmations coming from this audio book might actually help me.

I purchased the audio book even though I did not have a lot of money at that time and I just listened to it especially during those times when I cannot help but feel bad because of the things I cannot buy. I slowly opened myself to the affirmations for success that I am always listening to. Since I purchased the audio book, I have managed to find myself a job and keep the job. This is something that I was never able to do before. I was always overlooked for promotions and I always end up quitting.

Through the audio book, I realized the value of hard work. I no longer quit anymore. I work harder and harder so that my efforts would be realized. I also learned the value of saving money. I do not spend all my salary in just a few days now. I always keep a portion of the money for myself. Generally, I feel happier about life not only because I have money but because I am at ease with myself and my capabilities.

How I Danced with my Father at Last

When the flier came through for the Father Daughter Dance at our child’s school, I thought, oh no, here’s another expensive scholastic endeavor that’s one more reason to dig into my savings.  But I could tell by my daughter’s face that it meant a lot to her, so I called her father and told him that if he agreed, he better not back out this time.  In today’s hectic global society youngsters are constantly seeking examples of persons whom they seek to model their behavior and appearance after.  Most youngsters find that example in their dad.   And frequently those examples they are drawn to can fill us with fear and despair and anger if the adult doesn’t keep his word.  My daughter had been hurt by her father’s forgetfulness more than once.  But I was giving him another chance.

I even suggested he use a Groupon to buy a set of clothes for the occasion.  He checked out the site and found he really like the way they do business.  But he still wouldn’t commit to showing up.   One way adults can assure that their children have a good sense of identity and self is by providing them with examples from their own home life.  As her mother, I wanted to be sure her  father was dressed to look his best and suggested he shop online from Buckle, the longtime source of quality menswear.  From suits to shoes, shirts, ties and accessories, I knew he would find things to make him look his best.

The anticipation rose as the day drew nearer.  I was a little pissed off that he couldn’t show up a few days   early to go through a few steps with her just to boost her confidence.  She’ll be alright, he snarled into the phone when I called to discuss my concerns.  And my heart sank when he didn’t show up on time the night of the dance.  We had agreed to meet at the gymnasium to save time, and while I stood there, waiting impatiently, nearly ready to turn and go back home, he was laughing at me from the corner of the room.  He looked so different all dressed up that I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Gone were the Z Z Top like beard and shaggy hair.  In its place was the kind face that had melted my heart years ago.

There is nothing more touching than seeing a well-dressed father take his daughter out on the floor for her first dance.  For a moment, I imaged it was me, in the arms of my father.  And we relished every minute of the unforgettable night.