Monthly Archives: June 2017

Simple ways to keep things organize

Do you sometimes hate finding your gadget or you charger in the most unexpected places just because you don’t have a proper corner to place them? One of the solutions I find effective is buying wall hooks to keep my personal stuff organized. I have a few wall hooks in different shapes and sizes that come in handy when I needed to hang something. So, if you own a light musical instrument probably a guitar and you are looking for a wall hook, you can check guitar wall mount at I think they also sell guitar stands so check it out.

Eight years of blogging

This blog is celebrating its 8th birthday this year. I’ve been writing on this blog (under its first name since 2009 and it’s through this blog where my other blogs were created. I’m not as active as I was before but I reject the idea of closing it down and the other blogs as I share so much of my personal and family’s life in every post I write. I started writing about personal stuff and other things of interest and then gradually sharing about product information similar to acoustic guitar at Blogging has also helped me earn passive income. The financial gain may not be as stable and big compared to a regular paying job but it somehow contributes in paying the bills at home. I wish to continue blogging as long as it takes. Happy birthday,!