Friendship begets friendship

I started blogging four months ago and in such a short period of time I develop a certain bond with some women bloggers who I met while blog hopping. Most of them are mommies that’s why I can relate to their personal stories about their families – husband and children, and friends they meet along the way.

I haven’t seen any of these beautiful women in person yet, but I try to keep in touch with them as often as I can by dropping a line or two on their site to let them know I remember. If you didn’t see me for awhile that may only mean I’m busy with Mommy duties at home.

I will try to name all of them here, but for today I’ll give you Pehpot of Make or Break. This person never minced words she will tell you what she feels about you and tell you things that you need to know but too shy to ask her.

I think I met her through Mommy Moments just like my other online friends. Actually we have a handful of common friends in the blogosphere.

Pehpot is one tough cookie. In the midst of raising three young boys and managing her household she find the time to write her thoughts through her blogs — Make or Break and Gossip Mom. On top of that she allots time for her online friends to visit. And she’s generous with a new blogger like me she helps me get more visitors like her by writing neatly about my site and my newly created badge. I can’t thank her enough.

She also shares her excitement about her much awaited bundle of joy. She fondly calls the latest addition to her family Baby Sati. This early she is shopping for cute baby dresses for the little girl.

Pehpot has organize a second She Bloggers meet up on August 13. I hope that we can finally meet in person.

Just a little warning, don’t be surprised to see Sharon Cuneta personified. About the profile pic, didn’t you notice the resemblance? Nah, just kidding! lolz.

8 thoughts on “Friendship begets friendship

  1. pehpot

    naku I will be expecting you.. kainis ka.. bat mo ginawa to? ngayon lang ako na teary eyed sa ganito waaaah..

    naku hindi nga natuloy ung shopping eh.. asar.. binawi ung ni advance ko haha

    Nkau ako din hanga kay Seiko.. parang ang hirap mag alaga ng anak at puro babae pa no..

    by the way.. ganitong colors din gusto mo.. ganitong shade din ng lay out?

    Make or Break

  2. emarene

    I do agree, blogging widens the friendship field. How I wish to meet (in person) some of the bloggers I interact with…kagaya mo.
    Post some pics of the meeting!

  3. pehpot

    hehe.. that’s my hair na.. tunay na tunay at hindi na wig LOL

    oo nga sabi ko pa naman mamimiss kita.

    kumusta ang exam ng mga bata..ung akin tomorrow pa start eh, eto naglalaro pa sa tabi ko, sabi ko 5 review kame, pero mukahng hindi pa.. hindi pa tapos mag blog hop si Mommy eh hehe

    Make or Break

  4. Yami

    Ok pala sau may bangs. silip din lang ako bahala na pwede ipost ko yung MM entry ko na di ko pa naipost last Friday.

    ok naman daw yung test ewan lang yung answer nila. hehe

    mahirap pasunurin itong bunso, puputi lahat ng buhok ko dito eh. di kagaya nung panganay nagsosolo na yun grade IV pa lang.

    May eemail ako sau.


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