My mom’s place

My mom and my four nieces and nephews have finally found a place to settle. It’s a small apartment with one room, bathroom, kitchen and sink and a small space that share the dining area and living room. It may be small but the supply of water is adequate for their daily need. Unlike their previous apartments, the new place has good amenities and a quieter neighbourhood.

Even If I don’t live with them, I’m aware of the problems my mom experienced with her previous landlord. They moved in summer of last year. When rainy months came, the ceiling of their apartment turned into virtual shower area. There were a lot of small punctures in the roof which the landlord refused to fix. So my mom and the kids moved out as soon as they find another place to rent.

The experience has taught my mom a lesson. Now she knows what to look for in a new place like good amenities. She doesn’t want another leaking faucet or creaking floor to be a burden in the future. I’m glad that she is also aware that the place has to be accessible to the public transport. Their new apartment is located near the school where my niece is planning to enrol next year. It is also accessible to the market place so buying fresh products is no longer a problem to my mom. She can always visit the market to buy her favorite milkfish.

If you are living near my mom’s place, she can provide you with lots of tips, good and bad experiences she has in dealing with apartment managers. But if you are living in the United States, can help you look for apartments or property to rent. Millions of properties across the US are currently available for rent. I’m sure you can find the best place to suit your needs.

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