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Assistance for a fellow blogger’s family

Our fellow blogger Willa Stock, who is based in Canada now is requesting Good Samaritans to spare a penny for her relatives who are badly needing help here in the Philippines. She said in her post that her sister lost everything in the flood brought by typhoon Ondoy. Here’s what she said on her entry.

“My family and relatives back in my home country, Philippines, is one of the many victims of killer typhoon,Ondoy, that attack 3 days ago. It was the worst typhoon record that hit the part of Luzon. Two days after not hearing anything from them, my sister sent me a text message today that they literally lost everything and no money to buy a food, there’s no way for them to ask help from others because, they too are a victim.
I already send them some of my own, even my son Patrick is so willing to give them the money he got for his birthday. I am now asking my fellow bloggers if you can spare a penny out of your paypal account,credit card or debit card .I would appreciate it more than anything. It breaks my heart because living far away from them, this is the only thing I can do. I wish I could do more.”

Maybe we can help her sister deal with her predicament now. You may drop at Willa’s site if you wish to help her sister. Thank you.