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Dengue Fever

This is our second day at the hospital.

I’m writing this update while taking a short rest from looking after my sick kids. My daughter is complaining of stomach ache right now. The doctor said stomach ache is one of the prominent symptoms of dengue fever wherein the virus has found its way to the patient’s liver. She couldn’t even lie sideways as it would only make her pain worse…she was only given a tablet to relieve the discomfort. But whatever she takes doesn’t make the pain go away. Vomitting is the only way to make her feel a little better. As for Khalil, he is beginning to show signs of improvement.

My kids were admitted Friday afternoon at Fairview General Hospital after showing signs of dengue fever. Dr. Annaliza Duran, our pediatrician for more than a decade, has ordered the kids’ confinement after verifying the result of the second blood test (Complete Blood Count and Actual Platelet Count) conducted on their blood samples at FEU Hospital. The kids had on and off fever, complaining of headache and tummy ache. Yesterday morning (Feb. 19), one of the nurses disclosed that the kids’ platelet count dropped from more than a hundred to just 71 to 37 for Khalil and Naomi, respectively. Their blood pressure is also below the normal level.

It’s Sunday morning, the result of another blood test will be out a little later. I hope something good will happen in the next few hours…I hope their platelet count particularly that of my daughter’s, has improved by then…

Friends, please include the recovery of my children in your prayers…

For Confinement

My kids might be confined anytime today (depending on the result of another blood test at the FEU hospital) due to the possibility that they may have dengue fever.

Last night, I called up their pedia and read to her the initial result of their complete blood count and actual platelet count (cbc and apc). Their first blood test was taken after their initial check up at the East Avenue Medical Center yesterday afternoon. The range of their cbc and apc were still within the borderline but enough basis for the pediatrician to declare it’s dengue fever. However, she said the next 12 hours is crucial for the kids if their platelet will improve. Only oresol intake and colorless beverages will keep them from suffering dehydration. Dehydration is usually caused by high grade fever and vomiting. If their condition improves this morning there is no need for confinement.

While I was about to post this, I received a call from hubby that their cbc and apc went down from 158 last night to just 137 for Khalil and 106 for Naomi. Am now waiting for the doctor’s instruction where my kids will be taken. There are two options, FEU and Fairview Gen. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, I’m requesting you all, to please pray from my children…thank you…

Dengue vaccine and Tawa-tawa herb

Are part of the potential strategies of the Department of Health to fight dengue.

The vaccine, according to a DOH statement, should cover all four dengue strains (Type 1, 2, 3, 4). One type could give you a life-long protection against the same strain, but not from the other remaining three. This means that a person could get all four types of the dengue virus in his lifetime.

Experts are also studying if genetic modification of the Aedes mosquito, the species responsible for the spread of dengue cases, will render it less active in biting unsuspecting victims.

At the same time, they are not discounting the possibility of “Tawa-tawa”, a local herb, to cure or improve the condition of dengue patient. The boiled concoction is said to increase the platelet count of a person with dengue fever. Low platelet count is one of the danger or deadly signs of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF).

While health experts are studying the potential of these strategies, they are again reminding the public about the basic information to prevent dengue:

  • Destroy all possible mosquito breeding sites like old tires, softdrink bottles and tin cans.
  • Use mosquito nets or protective clothing.
  • Fogging may be done only in outbreak areas.

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