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Mommy Moments: First Steps or First Milestone

IT’S difficult to look for my kids’ firsts. There are plenty of pics to choose from and so little time to post. I’ve decided to just pick these two. I don’t know if this will qualify for this week’s MM theme. Anyway, these are my daughter’s picture when she graduated in preschool and in Grade VI last March. I consider these to be my daughter’s milestone as a student. I hope to post more.

How time flies…

Naomi with her classmate. Kinder 2 graduation ceremony.
Naomi receiving diploma from the school owner.

I must admit I cried before the ceremony started. I couldn’t believe my little baby is all grown up and Mommy is getting older. 🙂

Hope you enjoy my post this week even if its not the literal first step and first milestone in a kid’s development (please consider, Chris). More enjoyable MM entries are found here.