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If I had the chance to interview Michael Jackson

If I had the chance to interview the King of Pop if he were alive today, I would request him to tell something about his childhood. There have been interviews where the late Michael Jackson admitted to being emotionally and physically abused allegedly by his father when he was young. I would love to hear how he cope from his nightmarish experience and eventually rose to fame, (still hounded by his past.) Here it goes:


Do you have any regrets when you started out very young in your career?

Were you able to enjoy your childhood?

Do you have a happy childhood?

Is it true that you were maltreated, say abused by your own father as a young boy?

How would you assess your relationship with your father now? Have you forgiven him?

Now that you are a father to three lovely kids, how would you like your children remember you as a father?

What lessons in life that you would like your own children learn from you?

What is your message to them?

What is the greatest legacy you think you will ever leave your fans all over the world aside from the millions of album sold?

Do you identify in any of your songs? Do you have a personal favorite?

Is there anything that you still want to do as a performer?

For how long do you still want to perform for the millions of fans following you?

** Maybe I’ll end the interview on this note:

At the press con held in London last March, you said that your scheduled performance is your ‘last curtain call.’ What do you mean by that? Are you planning to retire?

** After the interview, I would surely request for a personal photo with him and have him signed my notepad for an autograph. I would shake his hands after the interview and thank him for the rare opportunity.

My chance of getting the dream interview with him is nil because the legendary pop icon is dead. On purpose, these questions will only serve as my way of remembering what would and could have been a memorable day with MJ…

(first stanza of “Heal the World)
“There’s a place in your heart
And I know that it is love
And this place could be much
Brighter than tomorrow.
And if you really try
You’ll find there’s no need to cry
In this place you’ll feel
There’s no hurt or sorrow.
There are ways to get there
If you care enough for the living
Make a little space, make a better place…”