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iHeartFaces : Nostalgia

Toothy smile

Today at iHeartFaces the theme requires participants to post a picture that would bring a nostalgic feeling. I initially thought of posting my grandmother’s picture with her siblings beside her, but I’ve changed my mind because the old photo made me really sad. I miss my granny so much. She passed away when my kids were little. I don’t wanna cry so I look for another picture and my search lead me to this cute photo of my kids – Naomi and Khalil, taken about four or five years ago.

I instructed them to pose and give me their best smile. They wouldn’t follow. They would make faces and laugh all the time. You know how I get them to stay still and ‘smile’ for me? I promise to give them chocolates. So this picture was the product of that little bribery. Now I’m sharing a secret behind their toothy smile.

I consider this as one of my favorite pictures. I definitely miss the time when they were younger and shower Mommy with lotsa hugs and kisses. Today, I still get kisses from them, but not as much like before. But I still get to hear them say ‘I love you, Mommy’ before they go to sleep.

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