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Increase Your Link Tag

Do you want to generate more traffic to your site? How about meet new friends? Try this unique tag which I got from Chris of The Mommy Journey. Thanks, Chris!

Rules:1. Try to make a post just like this one and mention this process.

2. From the list of blog sites below remove the number 1 and move the rest in the list 1 step higher (i. e number 2 becomes number 1, and so on). Add your blog name in the 5th position. Don’t forget to copy the links. (Here’s my list-my site added in the end)

1. EV Tourism Portal
2. Home of Good Ideas
3. Make or Break
4. The Mommy Journey
5. Mom writes for a cause

3. List at most five of your friends blog site here with link and inform them of this post and ask them to do the same. Here’s my list:

Chubskulit of Rose’s Obstacles and Glories
Beth of All about Elizabeth
Willa of PixelMinded
Acrylique of Crayons and Pastels
Salen of Sassy Mom’s Corner