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Mommy Moments: Silly Moments

My husband and kids share a natural talent for silly pranks. And I’m their usual and willing victim. They would try everything to make me laugh when they see me on a ‘serious mode’ – peeved or stressed out.
They have no idea that I will be posting their photos as entry for this week’s Mommy Moment’s silly moments. Anyway, I’m sharing with you their snapshots when they make a funny face in front of the camera. I hope they won’t get mad when they see this. Love you guys! 😀

Caught off guard. My daughter didn’t realized the camera caught her ‘surprised’ expression.
A pillow for a hat. Khalil wants his Dad to look silly. Daddy didn’t mind at all.

He’s aping who.
Clue: He used to be a popular matinee idol. Your guess is as good as mine. lol.
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