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Couple’s Corner: Meet Mr. and Mrs. T

Hi everyone. It’s finally here. Time to meet Mr. and Mrs. T. Of course many of you already knew a lot of things about me and seen some photos of my hubby in my previous memes. This meme of course is different from any of them since it discusses the romantic angle of our life as couple. Up every Wednesday, this romantic meme called Couple’s Corner is the brainchild of Liz of Rodliz’s Nest. Good job Liz. And so you’ll be expecting more of Mr. and Mrs. T every Wednesday then. So here it goes…

I’m Yami. I was born and raised in Bayanan, Muntinlupa. Eldest of two sisters. I’m your average girl who enjoys simple things in life. I graduated at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa, Manila. Landed a job in a newspaper. I did not make it big as in big like Ceres Doyo of PDI, but at least some of my contribution were also cited by distinguished organizations for their value. Thanks to my editor who were very good and supportive of me.

Love life? It’s not that colorful but can be a good piece in a soap opera. Until I met this wonderful guy…

Neru hails from General Santos City, the tuna capital of the Philippines. This guy has a lot to offer. He’s definitely the most hard-working guy I’ve seen in my life. He’s got the brains and a big heart to boot. He supported his college studies by serving as janitor in the company where he is currently serving as one of the managers. The same company where we met…I’ll keep you hanging at this point for that cute part of our love story will be discussed for next week’s theme – “First time we met/dined out”.

Incidentally my husband is celebrating his nth birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Hon. Stay as wonderful person as you are.