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Long and short hairstyles

mommy moments

My kids and their different hairstyles over the years.
Naomi @ eight months
Khalil @ one month old
Khalil, 1; Naomi, 3
 Khalil, 5; Naomi, 7
 Khalil, 8; Naomi, 10
 Naomi @ 12yo
Their recent picture 
Naomi, 13; Khalil, 11
My entry for Mommy Moments. Have a great week ahead everyone!

Favorite snack

mommy moments

my home made spaghetti

Spaghetti is one of my kids’ favorite snacks. I prepare one like this when I’m in the mood to cook. I wish there are some photos to show how my kids enjoy eating this delicious-looking spaghetti. ^^

For those who dropped by and leave comments on this blog (for my other posts) and my other sites. I will visit you too. I will cook lunch and be back this afternoon. Thanks! ^^

For the meantime, this is my entry for Mommy Moments.

Camera shy

mommy moments

My kids used to enjoy having their pictures taken, but as they grow older I can only count the occasions wherein they allow me to take their pictures. They shy away each time they see me holding a camera and point it to their direction.

This is their recent photo. They were seated beside their grand-uncle that’s why they allow the photoshoot.

Taken shortly after she arrived from school.
Taken during his school field trip last year.
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