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‘This is it’

My daughter couldn’t contain her excitement to watch Michael Jackson’s ‘This is it’ movie on Wednesday. She started saving up for the tickets last month. It will be a mother-daughter date since my son is not interested to join us. Hubby will buy the tickets for us tomorrow. Prior to this my daughter made a sort of deal with me. She promised to do well on her second quarterly tests in exchange for my approval to allow her to see the movie. Any parent couldn’t turn down a request coming from an obedient daughter like mine besides she really made an effort to raise the money. She got a total of P288 more than enough to buy the tickets and some change for our fare going to the mall.

A big Michael Jackson fan that she is, she sure write all her thoughts down in her diary after the event.

No more missing remote control


Now you see it, now you don’t. Well I’m talking about our remote control at home. When one of my kids is fixated on watching her or his favorite show there is the tendency for the poor remote control to ‘self disappear,’ lolz. It will resurface when the program has ended. How’s that? One of them is hiding it somewhere so no one would dare switch channels. Naughty kids. 😀

With Charter digital my kids will no longer argue about what show to watch first. They will have free access to over 6,000 movies and shows On Demand. My son can watch Spongebob on his allotted time, while my daughter can catch up with the latest buzz on E-News. As for me and hubby we no longer have to worry about missing a movie or two. And we can still watch our favorite classic movies on a whim. Hubby is also excited about the many HD shows available.

For Facebook users and those who are always online you’ll be glad to get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.

I’m glad the ‘mystery’ about the missing remote control is finally over, hehe. Thanks Charter digital! 😀 I’m sure you want to learn more at charter.net/ondemand