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Cutie with Meldy

Don’t take the title seriously guys, hehe. I’m just using the file name used by my photog buddy Ver Noveno when he sent these pictures to me after my interview with Madame Imelda Marcos in Makati. She was talking about her nephew’s (Atty. Martin Romualdez) bid to run for Congress representing the lone district of Leyte. The story was published by My Leyte, the community paper owned by no less Cong. Romualdez himself and published by the Journal Group of Publications. The lady standing in the second photo is former beauty queen and Cong. Martin’s wife 1996 Bb. Pilipinas International Yedda Marie Kittilsvedt. I was a little starstrucked when I saw Mrs. Marcos in person. She’s still beautiful and exudes the elegance of a first lady. In fairness, makinis pa ang balat ni Mam. Yes, I feel a little nostalgic when I saw these pictures in my repository. I remember my old job and the opportunity of meeting important people while performing my duty. I have a good memory of those days…

Artist hand


Note: Pictures here are borrowed from my previous posts. I feel a little nostalgic seeing this photo of my daughter. This was taken when I took her to Museo Pambata in Manila. The frames behind my little girl are paintings made by talented kids.
I never realized I’d see my own daughter paint one day. She can paint a little, but draws better…I know I’ve been blabbing about her recent sketches at her site. But you see I still have to take pictures of her drawings and uploading them takes time…reasons. 😀

A finger painting of Tree

I used this sketch as my profile photo for blogger

iHeartFaces : Nostalgia

Toothy smile

Today at iHeartFaces the theme requires participants to post a picture that would bring a nostalgic feeling. I initially thought of posting my grandmother’s picture with her siblings beside her, but I’ve changed my mind because the old photo made me really sad. I miss my granny so much. She passed away when my kids were little. I don’t wanna cry so I look for another picture and my search lead me to this cute photo of my kids – Naomi and Khalil, taken about four or five years ago.

I instructed them to pose and give me their best smile. They wouldn’t follow. They would make faces and laugh all the time. You know how I get them to stay still and ‘smile’ for me? I promise to give them chocolates. So this picture was the product of that little bribery. Now I’m sharing a secret behind their toothy smile.

I consider this as one of my favorite pictures. I definitely miss the time when they were younger and shower Mommy with lotsa hugs and kisses. Today, I still get kisses from them, but not as much like before. But I still get to hear them say ‘I love you, Mommy’ before they go to sleep.

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