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I’m not smart!

One fine afternoon, my eldest saw this teaser on TV showing a primate looking at a stuff toy. While the smart monkey tries to figure out what the stuff is all about, other monkeys follow suit. The toy caught their interest as well.

My daughter blurted. ‘Monkeys are really smart just like you (referring to her brother sitting next to her on the sofa). The conversation was actually delivered in Tagalog. (Matatalino talaga ang mga unggoy gaya mo. ‘Di ba matalino ka?)

Khalil, who was then intently watching TV, said on a serious tone. “I’m not smart!”

“Yes you are, you have an achiever award!” the big sister said holding a grin.

(“Ay, hindi ako matalino”, ang sabi ni bunso. “Ano ka, achiever ka nga eh!” balik ni Ate.)

That’s how their brief conversation end up. Any violent reaction? It may not be that funny, but it really made me laugh. 😀

These are my lovable kids. Taken this morning just before Manong service arrives. It’s their first day of school. Had a lot of ‘bilins’ (motherly reminders) narrated to them before they go. From taking care of their stuff (the usual – notebooks, books, pens, etc.), finish their snacks, and most importantly pay attention to what their teacher is telling them. I happen to be a ‘makulit’ mom, so they have to live with that. Better be ‘makulit’ than ‘strict’, I guess. But seriously my kids understand and heed my ‘sermons’ well. And off they go, 45 minutes ahead of their schedule. No rushing whatsoever. Both are smiling as they wave us (me and hubby) goodbye. I’ll be seeing them before lunch time. It’s back to reality for now. Cooking time!