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With a little help from my friends

THIS is going to be short but sweet. I’m thanking Shie for the instructions that she gave me in creating HTML code for my badge and Gene for sharing alink on creating a scroll bar box for blog/badge/button.

A labor of love from my hubby. Thanks hon! ^.^

The generated HTML code can be grabbed easily through a scroll bar box placed just below the badge. Gene has explained this fully well in her post.

I visited Quackit.com to customized my code.

It’s not an easy task for me because I made the scroll box work only after two grueling hours of trial and error. Whew! (;_;)

This is my SBB.

Now I have my own badge up for grabs. ^_^

If I had a hard time putting all these HTML-loaded links, how will I be able to deal with the hassle of changing my blog’s template. It’s gonna be one tough job to accomplish. I wish I have more blogging time to do it. My friend Pehpot, who is enjoying her new domain http://www.pehpot.com for Make or Break, has promised to give me free templates. I’ll wait for it Pehpot.