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She Bloggers Meet-up 2: Sorry late ako…uwian na ba?

If Snooky Serna is known for the moniker ‘pagong queen’ in showbiz, I am her close counterpart in real life. Late kung late, pero I still show up parang apparition lang o paramdam. And this is what happened last Wednesday at the She Bloggers Meet up Part 2 at SM Megamall.

Me and the kids arrived at the meeting place half an hour or so before the girls decided to split up. I hurriedly look for Pehpot and spotted her easily through her signature bangs and specs (and cleavage showing-maternity dress – ang sexy mo palang preggy Peh ). I had a little chat with her and got to meet Earth as well. She’s lovely in person. My kids enjoyed Fedhz’ special polvoron. Meron pa ba, Fedhz? ^ ^

I don’t have much to say here since I missed the meaty part of the EB – sharing galore. Pehpot has the whole event covered so its better to read her story about it. I’m sharing these photographs for our online friends who expressed their intention to come but were just too far away and busy to make it to the affair. Next time girls, we would request Pehpot to organize a bigger EB event for all of us, hehe. KKB pa rin? ^_~

Aside from Pehpot and the rest of the She Bloggers attendees, I also wish to see my other online friends Shie of Shie’s Asylum and U. Pink of Utotmopink in person and my friends at Barrio Siete. Miss you guys! ^_^/

Now meet the lovely ladies…

Jade of Life of a Filipina Blogger
Earth of Earthlingorgeous
Josie of Josie’s Window
Lirs of Mushings
Niko of Niko’s Blog
Mara of Mara’s Personal Bubble
Fedhz of Home Buddies
Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts
Mye of Blog Appetite
Me and Pehpot of Make or Break