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Gear that Gets you Through Hard Times

If you are looking for something that is tough and durable when you need to do survive in the jungle, you will be looking for military tactical gear like from AFMO.com. Normal clothing and footwear that you can purchase from the stores will not be able to endure the torture, which they will face when you are tracking on rough roads. However, the best advantage that you will get is the comfort that comes from wearing these gears. Not only are they comfortable, they also provide you with safety that is crucial to keep you alive in a harsh environment.
The best place that you can find these specially made items like army uniform boots, so click here to give them a visit to see what type of gear you will need to get when you are planning a camping trip. The main difference in getting gear like this will be your mind set. Now, normal people will only think about either comfort, or style. Most people will not think about the safety aspect of their backpacks or clothes, when they are spending money purchasing them.
If you are someone that likes the military, these gears will not only look cool to wear, they will also give you a feel of what it is like to wear them if you are not enlisted. The best thing about them is the fact, that if you are planning to join up, wearing and getting used to gear like this will give you an advantage when you are in the core. Most people that have never worn items like this will not have a clue how to use them correctly when the time comes. So, if your child is going to the service, it would be a nice idea to give them all the advantage they can get before they are shipped off.
One of the best advantages that come to mind is the fact that if they have already been deployed, buying these items for your child might save their lives. Sending more gear to them to wear when they are on active duty is something parents should do, as your child can never be wearing too much gear when they are in the line of duty.

Kid’s Shoes: Is it Better to Spend More or Less?

If you’re a mom, you know how fast kids go through shoes. It seems like once they hit the age where they are able to go outside and play on their own, you can’t keep a decent pair of shoes on their feet. So, what options do you have? You either purchase cheap shoes because you know your kid will need another pair in a month, or you buy more expensive ones and hope they last longer. So, is it better to spend more or less?

The truth is kids outgrow shoes fast. However, many kids tear their shoes up before they even get a chance to outgrow them. Before you run out and buy new shoes, it helps to take a look at how your children treat the pairs they already have. Simple things that kids don’t think about tear shoes up. Is your daughter stopping her bike with her feet? Does your son play a lot of sports? All these things affect how long your child’s shoes last. If your child does things that will tear his sneakers up fast, then talk to him about it. More than likely, he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it, and maybe he can stop. If your kids are gentle with their shoes, it may be worth spending more money on higher-quality shoes that will last longer.

Since old habits Since old habits die hard, you’re probably still going to go through many pairs of shoes. However, keeping their old ones as long as possible saves you some money. Make sure you child always has one pair of tennis shoes to play in and a nice pair to wear to school or when you have to go out. Tearing up play shoes doesn’t matter as much. If your daughter has a pair that remains nice, you won’t feel the need to run out and buy a new pair every month.

Big shoes for the big kids

Good day everyone! I know my post for Mommy Moments is late again, but can’t miss this one as this week’s theme talk about our kid’s shoes. My children have a few pair of shoes, but none of them is bought. They are either hand me down or purchased using gift cheques.

Here’s what they always wear during school days. We got Khalil’s shoes from Happy Feet through gift cheque courtesy of hubby’s office. Isn’t it big for a 10-year-old boy? Hehe

Naomi’s school shoes were originally mine. I used them when I was still working. It’s a Rockport brand which we bought on sale. Naomi is only 13, but her shoe size is 7 1/2 to 8 inches.

This is my take for this week for Mommy Moments. See you next week.

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