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New post at Barrio Siete – Spirit Possession: Breakdown or Breakthrough

Hay, despite my semi-hiatus mode, I can’t let this one pass. Barrio Siete, my ‘second home,’ is running another contribution of yours truly. This is about spirit possession. It was an interview with Father Glen Gomez, spiritual counselor at the Chirst the King Seminary in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City. He discussed about the difference of spirit possession or ‘sapi’ in our local dialect. He said spiritual possession could be a product of psychological or mental illness (breakdown), and breakthrough which could be a religious or mystical experience. Read the whole story at Barrio Siete. More interesting and timely reads by different writers are also found on this site.

Reynz, who serves as Kapitana in Barrio Siete, is very kind to accommodate my articles (in Tagalog) despite their simplicity in approach and content. Thanks Reynz! Here are some of my write ups.

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