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Mommy Moments: Name Game (or the story behind my kids’ name.

Another interesting theme at Mommy Moments this week, every mommies will be sharing the story behind their kids’ name. I’m glad and proud to share mine today.

Our first born is now 12 years old.

In the fifth or sixth month of my pregnancy, we already knew that we are expecting a baby girl. Thanks to the inventor of ultrasound. Then comes the mind-boggling task of thinking a name for the new member of the family. I had this pregnancy booklet given my by OB-Gyne where I refer for baby names.

Abigael, Audrey, Naomi, Madison, Madeline, Mallory, Sophia, Erin Asha and Sue Erin are some of the names that we consider. We both agree in choosing Naomi (pronounced as Nay-oh-mee) over the other names.

Naomi is a Hebrew name for a girl which means pleasant, delightful or beautiful. It is also a character in the Bible. Well, my daughter is growing up to be one. She is not only beautiful but also possesses a pleasant or amiable attitude.

Our second child is 10

For our second child, we consider the names Patrick, Nathan, Nathaniel, Zachary, and Juan Miguel to name a few. There’s not much to share about how we end up with Khalil’s name except that it’s not a common name during those time.

Khalil is an Arabic name which means friend. Khalil is indeed a friendly boy. I remember him to be always smiling as a little boy. He never threw tantrums even when he is sick.

Well, the only memorable anecdote that I can share about my bunso is the moment when I found out that our second child is going to be a boy. I was ecstatic when I stepped out of the hospital (where I had my nth ultrasound) and immediately call up my husband to share the good news.

That’s all I can share with you for now. More stories are found at Mommy Moments.