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He only had eyes for me

So do you really want to know how I met Mr. T?

We are but one in 10 or so couples who met and fall in love while working at PJI.  I was covering the health beat at the time and Mr. T was a computer technician at the MIS department. During those days when email is not yet ‘uso’ or implemented by the management we send our stories through phone via dictation, fax or BBS (Bulletin Board System) where you can post messages and send digital file.

Papi at work
Me at work

I just made my connection to BBS (using my old monochrome laptop) when someone sent me a message. I don’t remember the exact words all I remember was we were already exchanging pleasantries (nagbobolahan daw). The guy turned out to be Mr. T. The lanky guy was no stranger to me since we were actually bumping into each other at the corridor or at the cafeteria from time to time, but we don’t know each other’s name. Although he admitted to me later that he was admiring me for afar. He said he knew that I am the girl for him the moment he laid eyes on me (naks).

Should I say we hit it off immediately?…. I would like to tell more about Mr. T and I, but that juicy chapter of our love story will have to wait until next week for our theme, “we’re in-love”.

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