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Leaf artwork

How could a young person like Ryan Rio-Legathub thought of using leaves as medium of his artwork? So ingenious.

The talented young man hails from Samar and currently studying Secondary Education at the Samar State University.

Photo credit: Jhonil Bajado

What’s so amazing about his art is that he uses large fern leaves known to Warays as “salikupkop”. Using his imagination he was able to transform his art medium into a leaf portrait.

It was Ryan’s professor, Jhonil Bajado who discovered the young man’s talent and posted it on social media.

Bajado in his newspaper interview said Ryan’s commissioned artworks have allowed him to help augment their family’s income. 

Most of Ryan’s artworks include personalities that have influenced him as a person and as a student.  

His artworks have included portraits of Pope Francis, President Rodrigo Duterte, Senator Manny Pacquiao, Mayor Isko Moreno, Boy Abunda, Samar 2nd District Representative Sharrie Ann Tan, among others.

“These artworks are, to me, a symbolic representation of the Bisayan resilience and the Filipino artistry, who are always able to find good vibes despite life’s adversity,” Bajado said.

Bajado aims to share Ryan’s artworks to help the local artist grow and realize his full potential.


Photohunt #4: Painted

Human canvass

It’s Saturday and its Photohunt day. I don’t have any picture in mind that would match this week’s theme (painted) except the snapshot of this man whose back is adorned with tattoo.

The tattoed man is actually an inmate at the Maximum Security Compound of the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City. The other man holding a pen-like object was his fellow inmate, who is a known tattoo artist at the same tightly-guarded area. The object is an improvised handmade tattooing tool covered with thick layers of thread.

This picture had been used to support the banner story published by People’s Tonight sometime in October 2004. The news feature focused on the susceptibility of inmates to blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B, which is transmitted from having unprotected sex, sharing drug needles, and getting a tattoo or body piercing with dirty needles and tools.

Some authorities interviewed for the story would not admit the incidence rate of hepa B cases (if there are), but confirmed the existence of sharing of drug needles, unprotected sex with different (women) visitors, and unhygienic use of tattooing devices.

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