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Casualty of development

Another tree of ours has been taken down to give way to the road improvement project of the DPWH. It’s sad to see how the still growing mango tree planted by my late brother in law fell to the ground as workers cut the branches one by one.

What’s left of the tree
This is an old photo. The tree that was cut down was the smaller one at the background. This is the road undergoing improvement.

The road improvement has been stalled for several years now. It’s only this year that this project will be realized. But with improvement comes some sacrifices including the cutting of trees slightly blocking the road. From where the tree stood will give way to pipe laying.

The remaining mango tree. This is an old photo. It is taller and has more branches and leaves now.

Fortunately, one tree, which is bearing mangoes every year, is spared.

Where to Get the Best Sunset in the World


While there are some places all over the world that are known for their breathtaking display of sunsets, you can actually take photographs of the best sunset in the world right from where you are. When the sun dips low over the horizon, it always casts beautiful display of colors that will never fail to awe anyone.

Manila Bay in the Philippines is considered to be one of the best spots where you can take beautiful sunset photos. The reason for this is because the sun seems to be sinking below the bay while a stream of colors is exposed on either side of the sun. Still, it might be hard to take a photograph of that if you live far away. Even if you live in the Philippines, you would still have to travel going to that spot.

You can simply take photographs of the sunset and you will be surprised with how good it will look like in pictures. The reason for this is because the colors just register beautifully in pictures. You do not need to travel somewhere else just to take pictures of the best sunset in the world.

Remember that the definition of best will change from person to person. What might be the best for you will not be the best for someone else?Sometimes, what you have close is the best that you will ever find and you will wonder why you even bothered looking for something else when it was there all along.

Photo credit: Ver Noveno Images

We are growing a Mango tree

I wrote about this young mango tree that my brother in law planted to replace a decade-old mango tree which was cut down over a year ago.

See how big it has grown…

Talisay sapling.

We are growing a new Talisay plant. The sapling in my previous post was eaten by one playful puppy named Oreo.

We hope to nurture these plants to adulthood.