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How to praise our kids

Here are some tips on how to say encouraging words to our kids. (I post this in 2011 and thought of re-posting it this year.)

HELPFUL PRAISE                                               UNHELPFUL PRAISE

“Thank you for polishing the floor,                      “You are truly mother’s little helper.”
it is so clean and shiny.”

“Thank you for washing the car,                          “You are an angel.”
it looks new again.”

“I liked you birthday card.                                    “You are always so thoughtful.”
It was so pretty and witty.”

“Your poem spoke to my heart.”                          “You are a good poet for your age.”

“The lantern you made looks beautiful.”             “You are such a good artist.”

“Your letter brought me great joy.”                      “When it comes to letters, you’re an A.”

“I appreciate your fixing the bed                          “You did a better job than Mommy.”
this morning.”

“Thanks for telling me that I still have                “You are such an honest child.”
a change. I appreciate it very much.”

“Your composition gave me a lot                          “You write well for your age.”
of new insights.”

“I appreciate your setting the table                     “You’re very helpful.”
while I cook dinner.”

*According to Dr. Haim G. Ginott in his book Between Parent and Child, the single most important rule in praising a child is that, praise deal only with child’s efforts and accomplishments, not with his character and personality. So, praise, like medicine must not be administered irregularly. Frame your words in such a way that the child will almost inevitably draw from them a realistic conclusion about his personality. – adapted from a magazine.

Dimples Romana: Tips to Nurture your child’s gift

dimples romana and daughterHaving children is a gift—a gift that just keeps on giving and giving. Everyday brings a different surprise, a new discovery or sometimes a new milestone from your child. One day, it can be the wonder to see your daughter take her first step; the next, it can be the moment she discovers that she likes to sing; or the joy of hugging her close to you after seeing her sing well at home. Then it sinks in that more than being a gift, your child is actually an exceptionally talented child.

TV Host and character actress Dimples Romana knows this firsthand. A mother to a beautiful daughter named Cal; she also hosted a TV reality program that helped develop talented kids – Promil Pre-School’s i-Shine Talent Camp.“I watched hundreds of kids audition and participate, and it made me realize that there are a lot and I mean a lot of talented kids out there. It’s just a matter of encouraging and tapping into their inherent talents,” notes Dimples.

However, she reminds parents not to pressure their children too much. “There’s a fine line between encouraging and pushing your kids too far.” Here are a few tried-and-tested tips straight from Dimples herself that you can use to help develop the talents of your kids and nurture them to excellence.

1. Take a cue from your child

Dimples says that sometimes it may actually be better to take the cue from your child himself and provide opportunities for your kids to work on things that they’re good at.

“If your son or daughter enjoys singing, then go ahead and enroll them in singing classes. And if you think they’re ready, signing them up for singing competitions or talent shows like Promil Pre-School’s i-Shine Talent Camp is a good way for them to improve their skills, meet new friends or be the next big child star,” suggests Dimples.

2. Introduce your children to new things and experiences

Remember: your children can only be interested in what they are aware of! Your daughter may be an opera singer or a synth player in the making; but because she’s not exposed to these things, that talent may just remain hidden forever. Make the effort to introduce your child to as many different experiences as possible – take him ice-skating one weekend, then maybe to basketball game or an art show the next.

Not only are you creating fun bonding moments, you’re also taking the chance to discover what he’s really good at.

3. Nourish talents in your own home

Once you’ve gotten a lock on what your child can excel in, make sure that his talent can flourish in one of the most important places in the world: your home.

If he’s into the arts, then having a steady supply of sketchpads and paint and colors at home is a good idea. If music or singing is more his thing, then having DVD concerts of his favorite singers or playing music all over the house will be something that he’ll appreciate.

4. Give him access to a balanced diet

According to Michelle Edelbaum, Digital Editor of, there’s more to gain from having a balanced diet than just a healthy diet. Eating right can help even out your children’s moods, sharpen their minds and stabilize their energy. Aside from the requisite go, grow and glow food, Dimples stresses the importance of milk, especially in children’s formative years.

“Promil Pre-School has always been my top choice ever since, so Cal can get the essential nutrients that she needs to help nurture her talents,” shares Dimples.

5. Be sensitive and nurturing

For Dimples, this is probably the most important tip of all—children need to know that they’re appreciated and loved because of who they are and not because of their talents.

“Yes, their talents are special; but they need reassurance that they are special, regardless of whether or not they win the Quiz Bee or get into the next round of the talent competition,” notes the mom and TV host. “This is especially important for talented children; because parents often feel it is important for those abilities to be maximized; often regardless of their children’s feelings.”

Dimples advice is simple: provide nurturing experiences for your child, but don’t allow your drive for a brilliant and exceptionally talented child to overrule everything.

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Sleeping time is Bliss

It can sometimes be quite overwhelming to put your little one to sleep when he was still teeming with energy and vibe that he won’t simply settle down. It is best to establish a routine, which you have to stick by, in order to make the transition from playtime to sleeping time a breeze. Giving him a warm sponge bath before turning in can help him relax and can work wonders in summoning the sleep fairy. Follow this with a relaxing massage and make sure to turn off the lights and turn on his favorite lullaby to make him dose off easily. Lastly, nothing is more comforting to your tot but your familiar smell and feel beside him to make him relax and fall asleep easily, so sleep along with your baby. You will not only get a much needed rest, but it will also mean loads of bonding time for you and your little one.