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Activities You Can Do While Visiting Orphanages

While visiting the orphanages, you can do lots of such activities that can amuse the kids. Let’s have a look on some of these activities which can create fun and enjoyment among children of orphanages;

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Face and Nail Painting

Children really like face and nail painting and enjoy this activity very much. You can select any theme to paint the faces and nails of children. Colorful nails

Colorful Hand

Another great activity that you can do in orphanages is applying different colors to the hand of children and asks them to paste these hands on some charts and wallpapers. Children love to do this colorful hands activity.

Soccer Games

Soccer game in one of those activities in which children want to participate enthusiastically. You can make soccer teams of children who are living in orphanages and can organize competitions among these teams. This could be a full day activity with lots of fun and enjoyment.

Jumping Rope

kids love physical activities but children in orphanages have very limited options in terms of games and other physical activities. So, if you are planning to visit an orphanage, the jumping rope can be definitely an amusing activity for the orphans.

Water Fights (in the summer)

If you are planning to visit an orphanage in the summer, you can select water fight activity to please the children of orphanages. This will be a great memorable fun for the children.

Story telling

You can plan a story telling activity with the kids. Show them some pictures and ask them to make a story. You can also tell an interesting story to them, which they can enjoy.

You can plan different activities according the age of the children. Younger children can enjoy poem singing and painting too.

Summer activities for the whole family

My big boy enjoying every minute at the La Mesa Eco Park playground. This was taken in the summer of 2010.

My big boy enjoying every minute at the La Mesa Eco Park playground. This was taken in the summer of 2010.

There are a hundred and one activities the whole family can enjoy this summer. If you love outdoor activities, you can go camping, biking, swimming, wall climbing, or fishing. Nature tripping is a good time for bonding and re-connecting with family members especially if both parents are busy working everyday. If your kids are old enough to ride a bike, you can go biking with them. La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City is the only place I know where you can enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature without leaving the city. If you prefer biking with the kids, you can go straight to La Mesa Eco Park with your bike. But it’s convenient if you have a vehicle with thule bike rack. There are bike rentals if you don’t want to bring your bike. Outdoor activities are rewarding in terms of creating memories with your loved ones and beneficial to ones health. Biking is one of the best stress-relievers and best way to stay healthy if I may add.