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Nationwide Smoking Ban

Photo credit: N and People's Tonight

Photo credit: N and People’s Tonight

People, especially those who abhor smoking, are excited about this news. President Duterte is set to sign Executive Order (EO) on the no-smoking policy in public places. Once it is signed, smoking of cigarettes, tobacco, shisha (waterpipe), e-cigarettes, or similar devices will be ban in public places, including public vehicles nationwide.

The smoking ban will implemented in all public outdoor spaces, enclosed and partially enclosed public spaces, accommodation and entertainment establishments, and work places.

The EO covers drivers, conductors, and passengers in public utility vehicles.

President Duterte will sign the EO before the end of October and will have full implementation of the graphic health warning next month.



It feels good to exercise our right as a Filipino. Hubby and I finally exercise our right to vote on May 9, election day. We were newly registered voters as we have not voted in so many years because we were both busy with work. Now that I have retired from work and hubby has a little bit of free time, we were able to allot time to register last year.

To avoid long queues in polling precincts, we went to our designated polling place early. In less than 30 minutes, including the time we spent on waiting for our turn to vote, we were done voting. And yes, we voted for DU30! 🙂

Know your candidates and vote wisely

It’s exciting to watch presidential candidates here in the Philippines engage in debate with fellow candidates on national television. The voting public is learning from those discussions giving them the opportunity to choose the right person to vote. Even political chat forum can help the voters understand the stand of their presidential bet on particular issue. We’ll see who among the old and new faces in the political arena can bring “change” to what we have right now.

I admire candidates who actively participate in debates to answer issues thrown at him by his or her rival and have a clear stand on timely issues/problems besetting the country in general. People should be aware that candidates who depend on political gimmickry to be popular or evade issues at some point are those you can’t truly trust or rely in times of emergency. What will become of us when we are faced with another natural or man-made calamity?

How many presidential candidates have promised to uplift the living condition of the poor or provide job to the millions of people seeking a decent way to live? Most of them do at first glance. But how many were able to keep their promise? I hope dear readers that you’ll think several times about the candidates whose name you’ll write on the ballot form. They will shape our childrens’ future and the generation next to them. Do they deserve to be in power? We just hope that this coming election will be peaceful and clean. Vote wisely.