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New Dengue strain

For a mom whose kids were hospitalized twice for dengue fever, this news is alarming indeed. According to health officials the fifth strain of dengue virus has been detected abroad and is said to be as deadly as the other strains (Type 1, 2, 3, 4). Health officials also said the development of the vaccine, which is currently being developed to cover all four strains, may be affected because of the 5th strain. The mosquitoes that carry the fifth strain are also responsible in the spread of Chikungunya, a viral disease that manifests the same signs and symptoms as dengue fever.

Worried about the surface of this new strain, we have to double our effort to protect our household from dengue by keeping our surroundings clean. For my part, I’ll be the ever paranoid mom who keeps the window (without screen protection) closed.

I will be reading more about this new strain. It pays to know the risk of this new strain to our children being the most vulnerable to the mosquito-borne disease.

Searching for Top Dentist Marietta?

There are still some adults who are scared to go to the dentist because of bad experience that they probably had when they were younger. There are a lot of methods available now that makes dentist services painless. You probably won’t feel a thing. However, you have to realize that it is important to choose the Top Dentist Marietta that you can find in the area to ensure that you will get the best service possible.

Dr. Ronald Hull is dedicated to making people smile and he does this, not only with professionalism but with care and dedication to his patients. Whether you would like to just have your teeth checked or undergo your usual dentist check up, he will assist you the best way that he can to make sure that you are satisfied with the service that you will get.

Aside from the basic dentist services that are usually provided, Dr. Hull is also known as a cosmetic dentist. His staff are all well trained and can accommodate possible clients well. If it is professionalism, dedication and great service that you want, you do not need to look any further. With Dr. Hull, you can be sure that you will be pain free.

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The Best Clothing Site for Public Safety Professionals

When it comes to designing work clothing, Blauer has dedicated nearly 80 years listening to the feedback from firemen and emergency responders who put their lives on the line everyday; selling a wide selection of durable, versatile, attractive gear from top quality fabrics to men and women of all sizes worldwide.

We understand that firemen often face hazardous situations in all types of weather, that will put extra wear and tear on their clothing over time. Fireman t-shirts designed by Blauer are breathable-allowing them to be worn underneath layers of protective gear without being bulky, restrictive or hot. Since firemen play a very important role in the public safety sector, their T shirts are not only designed with several technical details, but also look very professional. This not only reflects a positive image of their station and squad team, but also gains the respect of many within their communities.

We are just as consistent with our design of EMT uniform pants to ensure that paramedics and other first responders are protected while working on their shift. Using premium fabrics along with the latest technology, we are proud to introduce work pants that come with several essential additions-setting them apart from traditional uniform pants.

Because EMT and first responders frequently come into contact with biohazardous fluids, such as blood or toxic chemicals, our EMT pants are specifically treated with a fabric finish that prevents liquids from making contact with the rescue worker’s skin. The pants’ material is made from a cotton blend that is durable enough to resist rips or tears, and comes with optional removable knee patches for protection and comfort. The side pockets on the pants are made from a reflective fabric for EMT workers who respond to emergency calls at night; and now feature thigh let outs for those who need a little more extra room, as well as a hidden compartment found within the right pocket.

The pants are permanently creased and have a comfortable, stretchable waistband to keep shirts snugly in place. Our line of T shirts and pants manufactured for all emergency rescue workers are designed under stringent guidelines and specifications. Due to their durability and comfortable fit, many in the public safety sector only buy their work clothing at!