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Gift Suggestion for Wedding Anniversaries


 I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you…

There is nothing more romantic than celebrating anniversaries with the person that you love the most. While there are countless gifts to give your other half, it is safe to say that jewelry is still the best gift to give. If you are not sure what type of jewelry to buy, you can check out several shops online. You would be exposed to a wide array of  jewelry set that will make you feel that you are wooing your partner all over again.

Have your Wedding in Beautiful Pasadena with Reverend Southwick

Reverend John E. Southwick has been a minister for over twenty years and will be glad to perform your ceremony. With your plans plus his experience the wedding of your dreams is just a few steps away. This Southern California reverned is committed to making your ceremony a beautiful and meaningful experience for you and your loved ones.
Reverend Southwick knows how important it is that you be able to add your own special touches to vows and the ceremony itself. Other denomination’s priests, rabbis and ministers strictly adhere to the traditional weddings of their faith with no room for modifications. Reverend Southwick will listen to your needs and collaborate with you to make the personalized ceremony you have envisioned.
Beautiful services take place in the Valley Orthodox location: Pasadena. There are many places in Pasadena to hold your wedding and reception including the University Club of Pasadena. This social club was founded in 1922 as a place for professional to meet and discuss new ideas over a glass of wine or a meal. It still functions as a social club, but has become a wonderful spot for weddings.
The University Club has elegant rooms and a serene atmosphere perfect for your wedding. Their packages are not only amazing, but include a catering director who will anticipate your every need. This includes recommending trusted vendors, arranging the rehearsal, and making sure the bride and her wedding party have everything required to make the day go beautifully.
Another great location for weddings in Pasadena is the Castle Green. Featuring a mixture of historic and cultural elements, it is truly a wedding space that will be remembered for all time. Its fountains, lush greenery and gorgeous flowered trees add to the atmosphere. All of the elements together make for the perfect wedding site. To find more details about weddings in Pasadena, click here.
This venue offers a completely stunning wedding/reception package including 10 hours access to the entire first floor, indoors and outdoors, including 5 different rooms, chairs, three pianos, a 50″ flat screen television and a beautiful fireplace. You can have the ceremony included in the 10 hour time if you so desire, or you can choose the Castle Green for your ceremony only.
Wherever you are, Reverend Southwick will be there to guide you and your fiancée to wedded bliss. There is no one better qualified to perform your ceremony in all of Southern California. Contact him to set up a meeting and start heading down the aisle. For more info please visit and make you dream wedding a reality.

Our anniversary gifts

The love of my life finally got his orders. We don’t have much in our virtual bank, but the purchases made were worth it. They arrived just in time. The rubber shoes was actually my anniversary gift for him for our 14th wedding anniversary this year. For his part, he bought me a cellphone to replace my dysfunctional unit. We picked up the cellphone last week at one of the LBC outlets. Hubby got his order at the Manila Post Office early last month. He’s actually using the new cellphone because his unit is not working with Globe lines… If not for our little savings (thanks to opportunities) we couldn’t have bought our anniversary gifts using our Paypal account.

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