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A burial and a birthday. Michael Jackson will be laid to his final resting place on August 29, the day he is supposed to be celebrating his 51st birthday.

The birthday burial will be held at the Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Cemetery. It would be a private event according to reports. The date was set two months after the pop icon’s demise on June 25 due to heart failure.

Investigators are eyeing the role of the prescription drug – a powerful anesthetics – in the death of Jackson which was said to be administered by his personal doctor Conrad Murray.


Meantime, my daughter is bit sad today when she learned about the announcement of MJ’s interment.

My daughter is a Michael Jackson fan. About two years before the King of Pop died she was already listening to MJ’s songs and even downloaded some of his popular music videos. When Michael Jackson died on June 25 her liking for the pop icon’s music becomes more evident. She does not only sing his popular songs, but also dance to their upbeat tune.

She reads anything about Michael Jackson – from his childhood to the most recent event related to his death. She also started collecting pictures of Michael, mostly downloaded from the Internet, and organized them in a clear book.

She also requested her father to have MJ’s image printed on her newly-bought white shirt. The latest in her collection is an original limited copy of MJ’s CD (The Essential Michael Jackson). I asked her what particular Michael Jackson song is her favorite. She said all because the songs are ‘addicting.’ I think her fondness for the music does not interfere with her studies at all. In fact, she got good grades during her last exams.

To remember MJ in her own way she open a Friendster account that will also serve as a fan site for her and other young person her age.

Here are some of her collections which she treasure so much. She took all these pictures using a cell phone camera that’s why shots are a little blurry.

Naomi’s version of Moonwalker using MS paint

A final wave from the Gloved One. Taken from Time Magazine.

MJ collections (CD, magazine, leaflets, and photos)

Limited copy of The Essential Michael Jackson CD contains 45 songs from his past albums

1984 Time Magazine cover

Looking for more CDs at Odyssey, SM Megamall

8 thoughts on “A fan site for Michael Jackson, picture collections and more

  1. Seiko

    Avid fan pala talaga si Naomi ni MJ.Sayang nga lang maaga syang kinuha sa atin,but his songs will always remain in Naomi’s heart.It’s really good to know na kahit mahilig sya kay MJ hindi nya naman napapabayaan ang schooling nya.
    Thanks for the good words you left in my page mommy.And it’s really good to be back here,sobrang namiss ko kayo.
    I have a Tag for you hope you can grab it in here….http://adualcareermom.blogspot.com/2009/08/youre-going-to-know-me-more-here-in.html
    A huge thanks in advance & have a lovely day!

  2. shykulasa

    she’s artistically inclined 🙂 unusual ang taste nya for her age kasi MJ belongs to our era pero of course iconic talaga si MJ and for her to appreciate that is really something!

  3. Yami

    @Seiko thanks. I always remind her that it’s ok to admire someone for as long as it doesn’t affect her studies.

    I promise to grab the tag when my phone and Internet connection at home is restored.

    @Acrylique, my daughter really values her collections so much.

    @Chris I didn’t know she would really answer the tag well.

    @Shie sis I hope she does. Medyo magaling din siyang magdrawing. Sana her appreciation for music and drawing would improve pa as she age.

  4. Momma Bams

    Kakatuwa naman ang daughter mo.. Ako din, parang mas naging fan lang ako when he passed away. Bigla ako napa-online shopping ng mga dvd videos nya sa amazon.. Sayang no.

  5. Yami

    @Luke inaawat ko na anak ko minsan baka maging fanatic na ito. Alam mo ‘yon baka maapektuhan na studies niya mahirap na.

    @Mommy Bams pareho tayo although gusto ko na noon pa ang mga songs ni MJ. Parang anak ko pa yata naginfluence sa akin na maging interesado kay MJ.


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