A letter/diary entry from my son

I was picking up kids’ stuff scattered in the living room when I found this crumpled piece of paper beneath the sofa. I read what’s written on it to make sure its not important before I throw it away. Its an entry from my son’s diary

I felt a bit guilty after reading it because sometimes I scold my son for not being able to study his lessons. I thought he’s not listening whenever I talk endlessly about the importance of studying. He’s listening after all and he even made a promise to do his best and never gives up whenever he fails. Minsan akala ko bata lang siya and won’t listen because he is still playful. Bata man pero nagiisip at may goal na rin…I’m so proud of my boy. Don’t worry Mommy will be a little more lenient next time.  ^_^

(I’m just wondering why he tear that portion off his diary…)

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