A prayer a day, keeps negativity away

I have to admit, today, I feel down in the dumps. I am weary, I am tired of my daily routine. Sometimes, I just can’t help but feel that the whole world is conspiring against me. It’s as if somebody’s on a mission to make me miserable.

I guess this is where the value of prayer comes in. You don’t have to recite an entire litany or pray the novena. Prayer doesn’t involve anything fancy or wordy. It’s all about communication between you and your God. He understands you best, even before a word comes out of your lips.

Whenever you feel a wave of negative emotions coming on, take a few deep breaths, stay still, and talk to God. Pour out your sentiments. A solution to the problem at hand may not be readily available, but letting out your feelings works wonders in making you feel lighter.

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