A Tribute to My Mother

My mother has always been there for the good and the bad times. The song “Wind Beneath My Wings” makes me think of her.

I dedicate this post to her to show how much I appreciate her. Happy Mother’s Day, ‘Nay!

I would like to thank Earth of earthlingorgeous for this heartwarming tag.

In turn, I’m passing this tribute to my fellow moms Beth, Utotmopink, Hazel, JennyL, Princess Sarah, Sassy Mom, Nel’s Bebi, Twinkie, Kim, and Nikki.

Here’s a simple rule to make this activity even more fun: create you own scrapbook, post it on your blog, tag all moms that you know, and link the person who tagged you.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

8 thoughts on “A Tribute to My Mother

  1. Hazel

    Hello Yam, I will work on this as soon as I find my mother’s pics. Most of them are at home, but I’ll figure this out. Thanks for the tag.


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