Absent today

Both my kids are absent from school today because of stomach ache. They were complaining of stomach cramps even before they went to school yesterday, but they went ahead anyway. Before lunch time, the school personnel called us up to inform us that Naomi is not feeling well. Hubby fetched our daughter right away. I thought my daughter was just having a dysmenorrhea so I gave her a pain reliever. I suspect the pain was due to diarrhea and I was right. She moved about two or three times yesterday. Khalil experienced stomach ache the whole time he was at school, but he managed to finish his class until 2 p.m. So when he arrived home he sprinted to the comfort room as if someone was running after him. I gave both kids anti-diarrheal medicine at night so they will feel ok the following day. This morning, however, they still feel a little discomfort in their tummy so I did not allow them to go to school just to be safe. I still don’t know what might have caused their watery stool.

When my kids were young, I couldn’t give them anything for a simple ailment. Younger children aren’t supposed to take anything unless prescribed by a doctor. There is no immediate allergy testing for over-the-counter medicine so I don’t take any chances. Oftentimes, my kids’ pedia would prescribe anti-bacterial meds after she have seen them and the result of the stool test on my kids stool sample. Now that they are big, I can give them OTC anti-diarrheal pill just to ease the discomfort. However, I still need to call their pedia this afternoon just to be sure, she might recommend a better cure.

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