Acne scar treatment at home

I had my last acne treatment done in a skin clinic more than five years ago and the procedure left blotchy and visible acne scar on my face. It would have been prevented had I return for the succeeding treatments. I heard about skin peeling and dermabrasion as proven acne scar treatment. Celebrities are even recommending their effectiveness. But for an ordinary stay-at-home mom like me, both procedures are not practical solution to my skin problem. It’s a good thing there are alternative treatment that can be applied at the convenience of our home.

The ZENMED Scar Treatment kit is a 2-step dermabrasion and peel therapy system that removes imperfections like acne scars. Both components are cream-based topical solution that comes in two separate containers.

The MicroDermabrasion Complex works by exfoliating the oldest dead skin cells. The powerful scrub leaves the skin feeling clean and shiny and allows the Skin Eraser to penetrate more deeply. It is also proven effective to improve deep or old scars.

The Skin Eraser or peel therapy is applied the same way as the microdermabrasion system. The ingredients are absorbed by damaged skin and rebuild the tissue from the inside out. In three to five weeks of consistent use the trace of scar, melasma or discoloration is replaced by a glowing and healthy skin that you crave.

ZENMED offers the treatment kit for just $59.99 and available at your doorsteps in 1 to 3 business days when ordered online. So why subject yourself to expensive prescriptions or reconstructive methods when you can have this budget-friendly acne scar treatment.

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