Activities my kids enjoy on a rainy day

My kids know exactly how to keep themselves busy during the rainy days. If I am to enumerate what those activities are then I would be answering Earth’s question for her rainy day contest which goes something like this. “What fun actividies you do indoors or outdoors to make your rainy day fun?”

Well, here’s what my kids do to while away the time. Depending on their mood on a particular rainy day, they either spend their time watching TV or DVD movie, play the computer, read books, listen to MJ or Lady Gaga, sometimes draw and last but not least eat. We rarely take a nap in the afternoon so me and hubby (if its a weekend) would join our kids in watching the latest DVD movie.

If you are interested to be part of Earth’s online contest visit her site now for more details and see what’s in store for you once you are picked as the lucky winner.

I heard Earth will be giving away day passes to Island Cove, an Island Cove Spa treatment, gift certificate at TGI Fridays, gimmick pass to Padis Point and facial treatment at Fucoidan. Hurry and join the fun. Contest end on Sept. 23 (Wednesday).

2 thoughts on “Activities my kids enjoy on a rainy day

  1. earthlingorgeous

    oo nga agree ako jan super dalaga and binata na ang mga anak ni yami 🙂 pero still looking young. aliw na aliw sa computer naku maaadik tulad ni mommy ahahahaha. Thanks for joining you got 16 points. raffle will be up in a couple of minutes 😀


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