Adorable baby beddings

My good friend Pehpot just delivered her fourth bundle of joy yesterday. She needs all the rest and sleep she can get to build up her strength so she could take care of her cute baby Sati. Godmothers, bloggers all, are excited to take a glimpse of the much awaited baby in the blogosphere. For the meantime, we will let the sweet child sleep. This is the stage when babies sleep most of the time. And to make her sleeping environment secure and comfortable I will recommend to her godmothers to buy Sati this adorable 12 piece Baby Bedding set. Imagine this top seller Designer Lady Bug crib and bedding is on sale at $79.98 when the competitor costs $250.00, that’s an amazing discount. Imagine for less than a hundred bucks you can get a 100 percent cotton baby crib quilt (1); 4 pieces baby crib bumber; 1 baby crib fitted sheet; 1 baby crib skirt; 2 extra wide window valances; 1 diaper stacker; 1 toy organizer; 1 decorative pillow (shaped like a lady bug); and a bonus gift (free matching high quality hand made zipper bag with handle.) Mommy Pehpot will be glad to know that the bedding is handmade and ensures the protection of the baby’s sensitive skin. So that’s a baby-friendly and environmentally safe product in one.

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